Au Pair Cost – Save Money by Hosting an Au Pair

The costs for hosting an Au Pair are really low if compared with the service provided. Having an Au Pair has so many advantages that it has become very popular among Host Families from all over the world.

The costs for hosting an Au Pair vary greatly, depending on the host country and if the Host Family is using a full-service agency or a matching agency, such as

However, there are certain costs you have to keep in mind, irrespectively if you host an Au Pair in America, Canada, Germany or elsewhere in the world.

As already indicated above, the costs for a full-service agency are higher than the costs for a matching agency, as the service of the two different types of agencies vary to a great extent (for more information on the difference between a full-service agency and a matching agency see here).
The agency fees range between $55 and $8,000.

The Au Pair gets a weekly/monthly wage or pocket money. How much this salary is depends on the host country's regulation. You can find a detailed list with the monthly wages and working hours for the different countries below.

Country Hours / week Wages per Month
Australia 25-35 600-920 AU$
Austria 19 405 €
Belgium 20 450 €
Canada 25-30 800 CAD
Denmark 30 3.150 DKK
Finland 30 250 €
France 30 280 €
Germany 30 310 € (260 + 50)
Iceland 30 40.000 IKR
Ireland 25-35 280-400€
Italy 30 260 €
Japan 30 40.000 Yen
Netherlands 30 300-350 €
New Zealand 40 600-800 NZ $
Norway 30 5000 NOK
Spain 30 210-280 €
Sweden 25 3500 SEK
Switzerland 30 500-800CHF
United Kingdom 30-35 220-300 GBP
USA 45 780 USD

The Host Family also pays for the Au Pair's board and lodging, so that the Au Pair does not have to spend any of his or her salary/pocket money on these expenses.
Usually, the Au Pair receives free accomodation in the Host Family's home and gets free board.

Other costs include the fees for health, accident and liability insurance as well as tickets for public transportation or costs connected to the using of the Host Familiy's car depending on both the home country and the Host Family.

Most important cost points

  • Agency fee: if you decide to find your Au Pair through a full-service agency, you will need to pay the fee costs and this will definitely be more expensive than an online agency. If you register with, you may only need to pay the 39,90 euro for a Premium Membership that will allow you to contact Au Pairs from all over the world.
    You can also mix both services so that you will be the one choosing your Au Pair and the local agency will be the one in charge of arranging the placement.
  • Pocket money/salary (see table): depending on the country you are living in the amount of pocket money will vary.
  • Full board: together with the accomodation and the pocket money you will provide your Au Pair with food and meals so that the person will feel like a part of your family and not like an employer. This is a part of the exchange program you are willing to participate in the moment you host an Au Pair.
  • Accident and liability insurance: depending on the host country, you may need to pay for your Au Pair health insurance but if not we definitely recommend you to close an accident an liability insurance for your Au Pair. If the Au Pair will be required to drive, please make sure you take care of a suitable insurance for that purpose.
  • Public transport: in most countries, the Host Family will provide their Au Pair with a car or will pay for the costs of public transport when attending to a language course.
  • Language course: depending on the host country and the Host Family, the family will pay for a language course for their Au Pair in order to extra help through the process of getting used to the new language and culture.

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  1. Dear Grace,

    in many european countries you can apply as an Au Pair until the age of 30. In a few countries, like in Germany, you have to apply for the visa before you turn 27 years old. If you have mad your choice in which country you would like to work as an Au Pair, please check your visa requirements. Good luck!

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