Hire an Au Pair, a Life-changing Experience

You want to hire an Au Pair but need more information on how to do so? You thought about hosting an Au Pair, read all information available and made sure that you meet all requirements and ultimately came to the conclusion that an Au Pair is the perfect solution for you and your family?

The process for hiring an Au Pair depends a lot on what agency you are using, whether you use a full-service agency or an online matching agency (you can find more information on the difference between a full-service agency and an online matching angency ).

AuPair.net provides you with all the necessary information about how to apply to become a Host Family. Be aware that it might take a while to find a match and keep in mind that getting a visa takes some time as well. We, thus, recommend that you start looking for your Au Pair ahead of time and at least approximately 3 months before you want your Au Pair to arrive. Make sure you read all the information before hiring an Au Pair!

Full-Service Agency

If you use a full-service agency to find your Au Pair, they will guide you through the application process and provide you with help with all questions and doubts that might appear. How does the process work with a local agency?

  1. You should inform yourself in the first place and contact your agency so that they can send you all necessary documents and information. Usually, you need to fill out an application form and write a personal letter to your future Au Pair, in which you introduce your family and your family life.
  2. Your agency will then send you profiles of different suitable Au Pairs, whom you would be able to contact after you have checked they might match your family.
  3. After you got to contact and know the Au Pair you need to decide whether you will be hosting the person or you will keep on searching for a different one.
  4. Whenever you have found your perfect Au Pair, the local agency will initiate the placement and you will need to sign a contract with the Au Pair you want to hire.

Matching Agency

Would you get to personally check, read and choose your Au Pair on AuPair.com? You will be amazed about how simply it can be!

  1. Register online as a Host Family
  2. Create an attractive profile for Au Pairs where you will add some pictures of your family and the place you live in and don't forget to write all the important information your future Au Pair should know (describe your family and your family routine, your expectations, what you will be offering...)
  3. Once your profile is activated, you can start looking at profiles from different Au Pairs and either send them a free request or add them to your hotlist. In both cases, the Au Pair will get to know you are interested and will be able to accept or deny your petition.
  4. If you happen to contact with a Premium Au Pair who is interested, the Au Pair will be able to write you a personalised email and you will have the chance to answer for free.
  5. By becoming a Premium Member, you will get to speed the process and contact Au Pairs through a personalised message and they will have the chance to answer. Remember that either the Host Family or the Au Pair needs to be a Premium Member so that the communication can get further.
  6. After exchanging emails with your potential Au Pairs, we recommend you to set up a video call (Skype) in order to get to know each other and discuss about the Au Pair contract.
  7. Prepare for the telephone interview in advance. Think about what you want to ask your Au Pair and, if necessary, note down the topics you want to discuss with the Au Pair.
  8. If both parties happen to get along well and agree on the terms, you can sign the Au Pair contract
  9. Perpare for your Au Pair's arrival
  10. Enjoy the experience!

Do not forget you can still use both service at the same time. Feel free to search for a suitable Au Pair by registering with AuPair.com and let a local agency process the placement!