Au Pair Family Requirements – Duties of a Host Family

You want to become a Host Family but are not sure what requirements you have to meet? Do you have questions about your duties as a Host Family? We have the answers!

In the first place, it is important for you to know that a Host Family will host an Au Pair based on the requirements of the host country and some of them will probably vary due to the different programs. In order to check what are the requirements to host an Au Pair in your residence country, you need to check the specific program. But so that you get a general idea of what you will need to fulfill, these are the main general requirements:

1. An under-age child

In order to be eligible to host an Au Pair, your family needs to consist of at least one parent and one of your children has to be younger than 16 or 18 years old, depending on the host country.

2. A private room for your Au Pair

Au Pairs need to have their private space while living with the Host Family, so it is important for you to have an extra room for your Au Pair to have enough privacy and enjoy their timealone. They won't be sharing rooms with your children.

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3. The host country's official language will be spoken at home

Since your Au Pair is interested in learning the host country's language, please ensure that the main language spoken at home is the language of the host country. You also need to make sure that your Au Pair has the opportunity to attend language classes; it is important for the Host Family to care about their Au Pair learning their native language in order for the program to work so be patient and considerate on this issue.

4 .You are going to provide your Au Pair with full board

You should consider your Au Pair as part of your family and treat him or her like an extended member of your family. That includes providing a homely environment for your Au Pair as well as a suitable room. You should also offer your Au Pair the same meals like the rest of your family and include him or her in family activities.

If you are willing to bear some other costs, make sure you write it down in your introduction letter on However, we recommend you to never pay any money in advance in order to avoid potential scammers or any other situation.

5. You will be paying at least the weekly/monthly minimum amount for Au Pairs

Your Au Pair gets a weekly/monthly wage from his or her host family, depending on the host country's requirements. Apart from that, your Au Pair will get 2-4 weeks of paid vacation per year. Please, do not make any payments in advance!

If you fulfill all the general requirements and think your family needs an Au Pair, check the different Au Pair programs in order to make sure you can host a person in your home country.

If your Au Pair happens to be required a visa in order to stay in the host country, the Au Pair should get all the information at the host country's embassy placed in her home country.

We recommend you to check out the different between Au Pair and nanny to make sure you apply to get the right care for your family. The duties and responsibilities of an Au Pair are slightly different and while the nanny will need to get a job contract based on the host country's labour law, the Au Pair will be participating in a cultural exchange.

Register now with and don't miss this amazing opportunity to provide your children with the best child care in an international environment, where they will get to learn the differences new cultures and languages.

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