Scam Examples

  • Scam-Money transfer for Au Pair visa

    Some Au Pairs received an email from a scam host family, who asked to transfer some money for the Au Pair visa to proof the financial situation of the applicant. They offered to assist the Au Pair with the visa application and sent him a fraud email from the UK government regarding the visa process, which looked […]

  • Scams – Account Validation – Phishing E-Mail

    What is phishing? Phishing is one of the most common attempts to acquire confidential information, such as usernames, passwords or email addresses. This way scammers try to access your account, previously stealing your login details through so called “phishing site”. How does it work? Scammers contact you as a nice Au Pair or a charming Host Family […]

  • Scams and Fraud: How Families and Au Pair can Avoid it

    How can I find out about scams? We provide some useful information in order to protect our users from scams and fraud. Avoid Au Pair scams – some test questions: 1. The family or aupair contacted you the first time via accredited agency or via internal mailing system? – Yes, looks good and check […]

  • Scam / fraud Au Pair host family

    The is a letter form a Au Pair scam/fraud family Profile: Scam Email address: “Thanks so much for your interest in our family! We are a busy family consisting of mom (Becky), dad (Frank) and our two children: Ella Sue (4) and CJ (2). Frank and I both own our own companies and are usually […]

  • Scam – British Au Pair girl

    This is an email which was sent by an Au Pair scam: From: Jean Addison < To: Subject: Re: New mail from aupair Jean Dear Family, Thanks for the mail,Hope all is well with you and the family. I have read and understood what is expected of an au pair in your family, Everything […]

  • Scam is using name of (real) Au Pair Agency

    This is an email from an Au Pair scamer, who is using the name od a real Au Pair Agency:   Recently we have learned that there are people pretending to be with InterExchange in an attempt to scam au pair candidates and get money from them. These scam operators are using the InterExchange name and fake host family information […]

  • Cameroon scam

    … We have been spammed by a couple of “Au Pairs”. Arin Bronwen ( and Belly Morg ( are sending emails that match the description on a scammers website that say they are currently working in orphanages in Cameroon but that they are from the UK. Their credentials are excellent and they seem to be […]

  • Au Pair scam via SMS

    Here you can find some letters from a fraud scam who contact Au Pairs via SMS: Au Pair Scam Contact: Gene Schwarzenegger GENESCHWARZ@OUTLOOK.COM tel:+447903536066  tel:18152169004 City : Southampton State : Hampshire, England Street Address Lodge Road Postal Code SO31 6RG Primary Telephone Number +1 918 962 0415 Secondary Telephone Number +44 20 8144 3974 Email […]