Scams and Fraud: How Families and Au Pair can Avoid it

How can I find out about scams?

We provide some useful information in order to protect our users from scams and fraud.

Avoid Au Pair scams - some test questions:

1. The family or aupair contacted you the first time via accredited agency or via internal mailing system?
- Yes, looks good and check next question
-No, be careful. It could be that you have given your contact details to any person who looked trustable, and now contact you the same person (fraud ) with a other Identity. Contact they will check this case.
2. You was contacted the first time via Phone or SMS and you do not know where the other person (host family or Au Pair) has your phone number?
-Yes, be careful - Contact they will check this case.
- No, looks good and check next question


3. The first contact happens on Facebook google+ or similar?
-Yes, be careful and check the profile: how old it is how many friends it has … This can be a real person but it is also possible that it is a fraud.
- No, looks good and check next question


4. Have you spoke with this family or au pair via videocall
- Yes, looks good ,it is important that you take a videocall also with the host family children or the au pair parents
- No, the family or au pair will not speak via videocall?, be careful and contact
Has the family or recommended travel agent, lawyer, estate agent , immigration or Border office asked you for sending money in advance for a visa, work permit, insurance, flight tickets, deposit for a rented apartment?
Has the Au Pair ask the family to pay in advance for flight tickets or anything else?
-Yes Stop the conversation and inform Au – This is a scams.
- No, looks good and check next question.
5. Is the Job offer much more higher-than-average or is the Au Pair extremely good?
- Yes, be careful
- No, looks good
6. Use the Au Pair or family Phone number which begin with +4470 or +44070?
- Yes, be careful, This are not usual UK phone numbers, this Numbers can be redirected any mobile phone in the world, also to Nigeria.
- No, looks good

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