Contract Between Au Pair and Host Family

Au Pairs visit to a host family country starts with signing a contract. This agreement is regulated in most of the countries and controls the rights and responsibilities of both Au Pair and host family.

Important points of the contract

  • Period of stay with the host family
  • Job Start and end date in the host family country
  • There should be a detailed description of separate room, food and other facilities to be given to Au Pair.
  • Job responsibilities for a childcare should be mentioned in contract.
  • Job timing, health insurance and other duties should be clearly written in this contract.
  • Pocket money and paid holidays has to be discussed with Au Pair and the same should be in contract.
  • Notice period guidelines should be a part of this contract with mutual understanding.
  • Information on conveyance to language classes should be provided.
  • Information on registration formalities related to travel and stay at host country.
  • Important information like phone number, address, of each other should be shared and also written in contract

For further information, check here

Au Pair Contract


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