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Would you like to become an Au Pair in Denmark and see what the country has to offer? Don't miss your chance and get all the information you need in We provide you with all the information about Au Pair programs and you'll be able to read other users' experiences and tips.

Au Pair in Denmark - At a Glance

  • Age: 17-29 years old
  • Working Hours: a maximum of 30 hours/week
  • Pocket Money: a minimum of 5,000 NOK (approximately 650 euros)/month
  • Travel Expenses: to cover by the Au Pair
  • Insurance: the Host Family will pay for your medical and employment insurance but get further information in order to make sure you won't need to worry during your stay.
  • Visa Requirements: Nordic citizens and EU citizens do not need a visa

Can I become an Au Pair in Denmark?

If you would like to work as an Au Pair in Denmark, make sure you fulfill all requirements:

  • You are between 17 and 29 years old
  • You are healthy and don't smoke
  • You have a good command of Denish, English or German
  • You have the financial means to cover living expenses for two weeks and to return home
  • If you have experience with children, your chances will be higher!

What are my duties as an Au Pair?

Your main repsonsabilities as an Au Pair in Denmark will be taking care of the children and doing some light household duties. You wil normally have time off in the morning or in the afternoon so that you will also get to know the place you are living in and meet some new people. Some Au Pairs will be required to talk to the children in their mother tongue, so that the kids can learn a new language.

Visa requirements 

Au Pair in Denmark will get an Au Pair visa as long as they are staying with a Host Family and they are not allowed to work for someone else or perfom any other kind of job. That means, the moment the contract stops working, Au Pair should either look for another family to get a visa extension or go back home. In order to get a visa you should prove your language skills in English, Danish and German are good enough.

Visa need: citizens from all African countries, all countries outside of the European Union, all Middle Eastern countries, all Asian countries.

No visa needed: countries from the European Union and Japan, Chile, Canada and India.

How much pocket money will I get?

The pocket money you will be receiving will depend on the family you are living with but in order for you to get an idea, Au Pair in Denmark usually receive a salary of 3150 DKK monthly. Host Families must pay for the taxes so you will be getting the whole ammount of what your family decides to pay.

What does becoming an Au Pair in Denmark cost?

If you are interested in becoming an Au Pair in Denmark, we will provide you with the general costs information.

At a Glance:

  • Fee for the Au Pair agency (if you choose one)
  • Travel expenses
  • Visa expenses
  • Presents for the Host Family

What about my insurance?

Your Host Family have to ensure you have an adequate health insurance and they will pay for it. In order for Host Families to get all the information or sign up their Au Pair for health insurance, they should consult the Borgerservice online page.

Protrip-world will help you find the perfect insurance package for you so that you won't have to worry during your whole Au Pair stay!

Au Pair blogs and stories - Share your experience

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