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Many au pairs worry about the gift for their host family. Here, you find tips and a list with ideas for the gift for your host family.


Are you traveling abroad to become an Au Pair but have no idea what you can get as a gift for your host family? Do you want to make something yourself or would you rather buy something for them?

The present for your host family can help break the ice after your arrival and your host family will probably be excited to get something typical from your country and to try something that is new to them.
Think about what is typical for your home country and what cannot be bought in the host country. It is also always helpful to ask yourself what did you like at that age to get an idea for the gift for your host family and host children.

A lot Au Pairs worry about the right gift for their host family. This is why we compiled a list with useful tips about the gift for your host family, as well as a list with ideas.

What to Keep in Mind!

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when trying to find a gift for your host family in order to find the right gift for them.
The gift for your host family shouldn't be too large or heavy and easy to take with you in your suitcase. Don't look for something that can break easily on the flight to your host country. The gift for your host family shouldn't be too expensive either. It is meant to establish a bond between your host family and yourself.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to bring something typical of your home country or your make the gift for your host family yourself. Your host kids will rejoice over a board game or a CD with children songs from your host country.

At a Glance

    • Something typical from your host country
    • Not too expensive
    • Not too large and heavy; easy to carry in your suitcase
    • Make sure to get a little something for your host children

Ideas what to bring to your host family

    • A typical beverage from your home country (typical wine, beer, liquor etc.)
    • Typical sweets from your home country (f.e. chocolate)
    • Cookbook with recipes from your home country (in your host parents' language); you can also make it yourself with your favorite recipes
    • Travel guide about your country
    • Picture book of your home town
    • Something typical from your home town (mug with pictures, bag with your home town's emblem etc.)
    • Decoration for the home (self-made)
    • Self-made calender with pictures of yourself, your home country/home town etc.

Ideas what to bring to your host children

  • Board games from your country
  • Book with fairy tales from your country
  • CD with typical children songs of your home country
  • Typical sweets and candies
  • Puzzle (with a photo)
  • Coloring Book + Paint box/crayons
  • Toys for the bath tub; shower gel
  • Stuffed animals
  • Key chain
  • Play Dough
  • Toys for outdoor activities
  • Mug/glass with the host child's name

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