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Do you already know where you would like to live your au pair adventure? Have you already decided which country fulfills your expectations? You probably have some countries in mind but we would like to help you to choose the right country for you!

To check all the information on the au pair program in the different countries, choose a country and inform yourself about the requirements and conditions of the program. If you don't meet all the requirements to become an au pair in a certain country, remember there are still some other host countries that might be more flexible or might have different requirements that you will fulfill.

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Au Pair programs

Au Pair in Australia

The au pair in Australia program will help you improve your English skills while enjoying the magic landscapes and the exciting australian lifestyle. Australians are open and always willing to welcome anybody, which will give you the great opportunity to meet lots of new people... Read more

Au Pair in Canada

Would you like to live the experience to be an au pair in Canada and discover everything the country hast to offer? If you would like to spend some time living in Canada make sure you register on as soon as possible in order to find a suitable family for you! Read more

Au Pair in China

The au pair program is still very new in China. More and more young people decide to go to China. The Chinese culture is very exciting and there is so much to see. Read more

Au Pair in Denmark

Would you like to become an au pair in Denmark and see what the country has to offer? Don't miss your chance and get all the information you need in We provide you with all the information about au pair programs and you'll be able to read other users' experiences and tips... Read more

Au Pair in England/UK

England is one of the most popular host countries, au pairs from all around the world want to go to. Being an au pair in England gives you the opportunity to learn speaking and understanding English fluently. There is no better place to learn the world language than where it originates... Read more

Au Pair in France

France has a lot to offer - more than you might think! As an au pair in France, you have the opportunity to eat fresh French baguette, smile back at the Mona Lisa at the Louvre or take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower. You will experience life in a French family and improve your language skills tremendously... Read more

Au Pair in Germany

Germany is known as the country of Beethoven and the great poets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller and has lots of beautiful cities and areas to offer.
Gemany's capital Berlin, the former capital Bonn, its neighboring cities Cologne and Düsseldorf or the cities Munich and Hamburg have a plentitude of sights to explore while you spend your time as an au pair in Germany... Read more

Au Pair in Ireland

One the one hand, Ireland has a very unique culture with a strong indigenous influence. You can see this in the Irish music and language or the Gaelic games.
On the other hand, the Irish culture shares many features with its neighbor Great Britain, as for instance the English language and the passion for sports such as football, rugby and horse racing... Read more

Au Pair in Italy

No matter if you always dreamed about trying the famous Italian pizza, pasta or want to enjoy a sunny day in a cafe with gelato and expresso, becoming an au pair in Italy makes these things come true.
Inexpensive and fast local trains enable you to travel across the country and see lots of wonderful places and to explore your host country... Read more

Au Pair in Norway

Being an au pair in Norway will give you the opportunity to live in a country with very high standards. The country is famous for its high life quality and being part of a family will give you an overview of a different lifestyle... Read more

Au Pair in Spain

The first things that come to mind when one thinks about Spain are passionate dances of flamenco, the Sagrada Família in Barcelona or the delicious national dish Paella.
Spain has more to offer than that. The sunny European country is filled with warm-hearted and friendly people who will extend a warm welcome to their Au Pair... Read more

Au Pair in Switzerland

Being an au pair in Switzerland will offer you the opportunity to visit many different countries and practice many different languages, so what are you waiting for? Read more

Au Pair in the USA

The program “Au Pair USA” is a good opportunity for everyone who likes to work and be with children and wants to discover a foreign country and its culture.

The USA offer a great variety of landscapes and climate areas.
You can either live on the east cost and experience life for instance in New York City or the capitol of the United States, Washington D.C.. Or, you can spend your time at the sunny beachside of Florida or explore the great national parks in the Golden State... Read more

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