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For many au pairs the return back to their home country after six months or a year in another country is quite difficult. But there are ways that will make it easier for you to get used to the life back home.

  1. Bucket List of things you want to do before your return

    All year you have been thinking that you have enough time to go to certain places or do things that you can only do in your host country. And now your stay is almost over and you haven't done everything that you had planned to do. So write a bucket list of things you want to see and do before your return home.

  2. To Do List before you go home

    You need to prepare for your return and therefore you will have to organize a lot before you leave your host family.
    You have probably bought some things. Do you need another suitcase? Do you want to send stuff home and not carry it with you on the whole trip?
    You should also not wait to get gifts for your friends and family at home. Maybe you don't find what you're looking for immediately, so take your time.
    Are you planning to apply for jobs when you get home? Maybe you don't want to wait with that until you're home, so you could also prepare your resume already so you will be more relaxed.
    The more you get done before you go home, the less you'll be stressed when you arrive at home. It's nice to have a phone with a working SIM card at home, so ask your family to get one.

  3. Change you routine

    Your whole life has changed while you have been in your host country. You met new people, learned about a new culture and probably adapted some things. You ate different food and your whole day has had a routine that you will not have once you get back home. Try to think about things that you will do at home. Talk to your friends at home and get to know what they have been doing all year, so you won't be surprised when you're back.

  4. Make plans for your first weeks back home

    Schedule your first weeks of being home. It doesn't matter if you have a jet lag. Get up in the morning and be productive. Work out, apply for jobs, get busy. This will help you to adapt the life in your home country. The sooner you will apply for jobs the better, because your expat experience is still fresh and very attractive for recruiters.

  5. Accept that this time of your life is coming to an end and a new one is starting

    You have been away for a while. You had a really great time and you will think about going back to your host country quite often. Maybe you even want to go to another country now.
    But take your time. Breath for a while. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. You have to get used to your life in your home country just as you had to get used to the new life in the host country. Distract yourself, catch up with your friends, but take your time. If everything is becoming too much, relax during the day and concentrate on yourself. You're not a machine.

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