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Becoming an au pair has many advantages and there will be something new everyday. But besides meeting new people, exploring places and getting to know the host family at some point there will be things that an au pair will miss.

Food of the home country


Yes, the host country has soooo much good food you have to try and many au pairs gain weight during their stay. But there will be a moment when you miss the good food from home or some dish your mum always cooks and that you would never cook by yourself because everybody knows that your mum makes it so much better.

Your native language


Isn't it great to learn and improve a language, to hear it everday and speak it and become so professional at it that when you come back home you can impress people with that knowledge?
In the beginning natives will ask you about your accent that eventually becomes less after a few months in your host country. You will find some new friends, maybe natives maybe other au pairs from different countries so you keep speaking the host country's language. So there will be a day that you literally miss speaking your language. And maybe on a sunny day you'll go to a coffeehouse , someone asks you about your accent and right behind you in line there'll be a person from your home country that just starts speaking your native language with you. Tears of joy will fill your eyes because you can for once speak your native language in your host country and not just with family and friends at home.

Your bed


Maybe you have a really comfortable bed at your host family's place but whatever you do it's just not your bed in your bedroom, with your pillows and your sheets.
A bed just gives us this magical feeling of being home.

The air of your home country


Does that sound weird to you? But the air you breath in your host country is different. Maybe it smells different, maybe you live a totally different area than at home. Maybe you live in the country side now but used to live in the city or it's the other way around. Maybe there is a bakery close to your place at home and you can smell when they are baking and now there is no bakery around.

The place where you always hang out in summer

Every summer there is this one place you always go to with your friends. Maybe its a swimming pool or a park, a lake or just some wall at a street you sit on. You always play music together right at this place, have some drinks or play some games. And now it's summer in your host country and you miss this place and your friends at home so much. 

Your favorite café


 Because the coffee that you get in your host country just isn't as good as the one in the cute little café at home.

A full wardrobe


 The struggle is real. If you are an au pair you probably had to leave most of your clothes at home, because you couldn't take three suitcases but only one with you. And now so many nice dresses and shirts and pants and shoes are at home waiting for you to finally come back home.

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