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So there you are. In a foreign country, friends and family at home and some free time that you need to find some use for now. You can spend it at the gym, the mall or a café. But what about taking a really great language course or any other course that might be interesting for you?In some countries it is a requirement and therefore should be seen as a duty for Au Pairs. A course also offers many other opportunities for au pairs.

For once it will help you to improve your language skills. To be able to talk a language fluently is a great feeling and will surely raise your self-confidence. If you have the ability to express yourself, the communication with your host family will be uncomplicated.

And what would a trip to a foreign country without finding new friends be? So a course is also a really great way to get to know new people. You can meet before class, spend your free time together or study together. Some of these new found friends might even be friends forever. Maybe you will see them again in your home country or their 's.

And last but not least there is the certificate that you will get when you finish a class. It will look really good on your CV! If you apply for schools or jobs the person responsible will check which experiences oyu made in the past and some time abroad is always really impressive.

Who pays for the course?

That depends on the country! Usually au pairs have to pay for their language course. In some countrries there are specific regulations that also tell if the host family is responsible to pay or not. Although sometimes the costs should be covered by the au pair, it would be a nice gesture of the host family to support their new family member with the payment.

This is something that should be discussed.

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