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Finding the right family can be tough. But fear not. We have 9 easy tips for you on how to find the perfect match online!

1. Let's get started!

So first you should register on AuPair.com, an online platform for host families and au pairs to find each other. Now you are a little bit closer to find your perfect host family. Take your time and fill out your profile as accurate as possible.

2. Express your individuality

Describe yourself in every detail. Tell people about yourself, your personality, your hobbies and everything that matters. What would you want to know if you met people for the first time?

3. Your Pictures

Upload photos. Choose pictures that show you in a natural way. Not to much make-up, no duckdace, no filter. Wear proper clothes and don't show too much. You don't want to be contacted by a desperate single dad. You want to make a good impression. Also party pictures are something that host families are not too excited about. Everybody likes to party from time to time, but you shouldn't be surrounded by beer bottles.

4. Do not wait - act!

Be active and get in touch with 5 to 10  families each day! Write personalized messages and  tell the family what you liked about them. Do not just copy-paste a text.

5. Log in on a regular basis

If you're logging in frequently your profile will show up on top of the page and host families will see your profile faster.

6. It's getting serious!?

Have you  found a family you like and you have send them a message. Don't forget, if the host family doesn't have a premium membership the ycan not read or answer your message. But just be patient. A family that is active on AuPair.com will become premium member sooner or later.

If the family has answered your message you can talk about a Skype interview.

7. The first call

We got some useful tips for the first call with your future host family. Get prepared for their questions and prepare some question that you have too. Don't be too nervous. It will all be ok.

8. Stay motivated!

It is not unusual if it takes a little bit longer to find your perfect host family. It is important that you don't lose your patience and you keep looking! In case you shouldn't get a respond for a long time please make sure to check if anything is missing on your profile.

9. Your profile

Your profile on AuPair.com is like an outfit. It benefits of re-edition and simple renewals. Try something new and be creative!


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