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In order to give au pairs and host families an orientation of the educational system for languages we summerized the 6 different catagories of the European framework of languages below. In some countries it is required to have a certain language level so that the au pair may apply for a visa.


Basic User is the most common required language level in Europe


  • The au pair understands everyday expressions and very basic phrases
  • Can introduce one’s self and is able to answer simple questions about personal details (e.g. Hello my name is..., I’m from..., etc.)


  • The au pair understands sentences and frequently used expressions in areas of basic personal and familiy information, shopping, local geography, employment


Independant User


  • The au pair understands main phrases related to topics of work, school, leisure time.
  • Is able to produce simple texts which are of personal interest.
  • Is able to describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans


  • The au pair understands the main idea of comlex texts
  • Is able to produce clear, detailed texts
  • Can name andvantages and disadvantages of a certain topic


Proficient User


  • The au pair understands long and demaning texts
  • Is able to talk fluently and spontaneously
  • Can write very complex texts
  • is accepted around the world for higher education study and work


  • The au pair understands  everything (spoken and written) and is able to answer correctly
  • Is able to talk spontaneously, very fluently and precisely in complex situations


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