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Are you experiencing issues with your host family? Get some advice on the proper way to work out the issues and switch host families if you need to.

Sometimes things don’t always go as you planned or aren’t what you expected them to be and despite a few previous Skype video calls, the relationship between the au pair and the host family does not always work. Although it is important for both parties to be honest with each other and discuss every single detail, there is no point in forcing a situation that nobody is happy  and comfortbale with after all. If that happens to be your story, do not hesitate to speak about it with your host family or a friend you contacted in order to come up with a solution.

As an au pair, you have the option to switch your host family if you are really unhappy with your current one and only if you have tried every option to work things out with them. Most of the time, it may not be the country or the new culture that makes you unhappy but what you expected from you host family. The fact that things might not be what you expected or the host family acts differently makes an au aair want to move to a new family. We recommend you to give yourself and your host family some time to adjust and to get used to the new situation. Remember that it is a new situation for the family as well.

If there is no other way

If you feel as though things may not be working talk things through with your host family. It may be as simple as a misunderstanding that is causing you to be unhappy. Or it may be something that both parties need to work on to ensure the experience is great for everyone. If you have tried everything possible and still wish to switch your hosts, you should talk to your current family and make sure you respect the agreed notice period. Also, you will need to ensure that you have the ability to stay in the host country (despite switching the Host Family). If a visa has been issued for your stay, don’t forget to get all the information on your visa before leaving your home country; the more information you have, the less you will need to ask if things don’t go as planned later on.

While talking things through, it is also important to inform the agency if you went through one. The agency should be made aware of your feelings and thoughts to move from the start. They are experts and can help you through the process of making your stay with the current family work or even with your rematch. They will search for a new family for you but it is important for you to know it may take some time until they find you a new one.
You can also activate your account or register with AuPair.com to start searching for a host family, which will probably be easier once you are in the host country. We recommend you to deactivate your profile on AuPair.com instead of deleting it once you have found a family; this way you will be able to easily activate it if you need to start a new search. However, you may not need to reactivate it to switch the host family but to find a new one in order to extend your stay or enjoy a new experience in a different country.

A fresh start

Switching Host Families would give you the chance to give your experience another try, especially if things did not work out too well the first time. Don’t forget to take some time to think before making any decisions; remember that the family’s routine is going to change by hosting a completely new person for the upcoming months, and it is hard sometimes for both parents and children to adapt. It will take some time until you become a member of the family and really feel comfortable, but as the time goes by you will realize how fast you have got to really know each other by living together.

Keep in mind; it will take some time to adjust to your new home and new family. Be open and communicative with them throughout the entire time and make them aware of any issues you may have because it could be a simple misunderstanding. If everyone stays, positive things will work out for you!