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  • Which is the #1 au pair destination?
  • Destination of the month - Italy
  • Why you should go abroad...
  • Host Family Responsibilities

The #1 au pair destination....

We asked for your feedback on what your favorite au pair country was and the results are in!

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Destination of the months

Let's travel to Italy together. Enjoy a good cup of espresso, experience great dishes of a real Italian nonna and learn the lamguage at the same time. Learn everything about the au pair program in bella Italia and get some additional information about being a demi pair.

Au Pair in Italy!

Why you should go abroad...

"I am so thankful to have had the opportunity and I recommend it to anybody looking for a life changing adventure!"

- Emily - Au Pair in the Netherlands

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Host Family Responsibilities

As an au pair it is important to know what your responsibilities  and also to know  your host family's. The requirements the host family must fulfill depend on the host country's national regulations. We  give you some information about general requirements so you know what to expect from your host family.

Host Family Responsibilities