is the meeting point for future, current and former au pairs! We talk about your topics. Things that are important for your stay. Topics that are interesting for you.

Where to go to when you are in a certain country, how to get around with a low budget. We will give you travel tips and tell stories about you and girls and boys just like you.

All of us behind have been au pairs once, too. We know what you want to know and we know that your life is not all about child care. You want to go out, meet people, see the country. You want to know what happens where, what’s the most awesome part of town.

So we will provide you with very cool articles. If you have an idea of what you want us to write about, comment below and let us know.

If you know a special story that could be interesting for other participants let us know! Tell us! We are your blog and we want you to like us and tell oyur friends about us!  

We are based in the beautiful city of Cologne in Germany. Cologne is a very open-minded city with outgoing people from all around the world. Everyday you hear different languages on the train and on the street. You can go to meetings for national and international people to improve a language and get to know new cultures. This is something interesting for all the au pair around our hometown, too, because maybe they miss their country, their friends and they find a great opportunity to make new friends. 

We are travelers. We travel whenever we find the time and we will provide you with our experiences of certain parts of the world. If you ever feel like telling us about your home countrya or the country you are or have been an au pair, feel free to contact us!