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Young people want to see the world. They usually plan to go abroad right after school or after university to have some adventures before life becomes serious.

Some youngsters get supported by their parents. Most teens and twens have to work for their money. though. So traveling always happens on quite a low budget. If you want to stay in a certain part of the world for some time the au pair program might be just the right one for you.

Travel on a budget

You don't have to invest too much money. Pay the flight to your host country and back and take care of an additional insurance for your stay abroad and you can live with a family and get a pocket money for helping them with the child care. If you want to have a larger budget for your stay, of course you can safe up some money before.

The Au Pair gets a weekly/monthly wage or pocket money. How much this salary is depends on the host country's regulation. You can find a detailed list with the monthly wages and working hours for the different countries below.

Country Hours / week Wages per Month
Australia 25-35 600-920 AU$
Austria 19 405 €
Belgium 20 450 €
Canada 25-30 800 CAD
Denmark 30 3.150 DKK
Finland 30 250 €
France 30 280 €
Germany 30 310 € (260 + 50)
Iceland 30 40.000 IKR
Ireland 25-35 280-400€
Italy 30 260 €
Japan 30 40.000 Yen
Netherlands 30 300-350 €
New Zealand 40 600-800 NZ $
Norway 30 5000 NOK
Spain 30 210-280 €
Sweden 25 3500 SEK
Switzerland 30 500-800CHF
United Kingdom 30-35 220-300 GBP
USA 45 780 USD

The Host Family also pays for the Au Pair's board and lodging, so the au pair does not have to spend any of his or her salary/pocket money on these expenses.

The cheap program costs can be one motivation to become an au pair, yet you won't like the program if you don't like children and taking care of them. You won't have all the time you want for traveling. Au Pairs work aroudn 30 hours a week, take care of the children, give them a ride to scool and other social activities. You will have to prepare meals for them and play with them.

But all au pairs have some free time and especially during the weekend you can go on small trips. So start your adventure now.

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