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Can I become an Au Pair with a dual citizenship?

Also with a dual citizenship it is possible to become an Au Pair in a country, if you do not have a permanent address there.

More and more young people with dual citizenship would like to stay in the country of their second citizenship as an Au Pair,  to get to know the language and culture. Generally this is possible and simplifies many procedures, since the Visa isn't necessary.

If, e.g. an American with dual citizenship wants to be an Au Pair in Germany, he/she can enter the country anytime, if he/she has a valid German passport. It doesn't matter then, if he/she wants to enter the country as an Au Pair, tourist or anything else.

Even with multiple citizenships the Au Pair needs to register
at the resident's registration office. Since he/she doesn't have a visa, the Au Pair needs to show evidence, that he/she is a permanent resident in another country. Showing the second passport should be enough. Moreover, the Au Pair also needs sufficient insurance in the host country. Also in the case of dual citizenship the host family should take out an Au Pair insurance.

Maybe the insurance will ask for an evidence of the permanent residence, too, but generally the procedure isn't different to other Au Pair's.

Even if the insurance and registration office may be critical at first, they will allow the stay, as soon as they hear the lack of language competence and evidence of the permanent residence.

The rest, such as requirements and duties aren't any different from other Au Pairs' experience, so it should be possible for the Au Pair with dual citizenship, to experience the culture and language easily and authentically.

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