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Au Pairs get the impression that they are the only ones who need to fulfill requirements and have duties during an au pair stay. You can relax! This is not the case. Host Families can only host someone if they fulfill expectations. They also have to take care of important responsibilities to make sure their new family member has a good time.

Requirements for host families vary from country to country, but there are some that are valid for all host countries and families.

1. Under-age child

To be eligible to host an au pair, a family needs to have at least one kid that is younger that 16 or 18 years, depending on the host country.

2. A private room for the au pair

Au Pairs need to have their private space while living with the host family. Therefore the family has to provide a private room for you.


3. The host country's official language will be spoken at home

The main language spoken at home is the language of the host country. The family also needs to make sure that you can attend language classes.

4 . Full board for all au pairs

You will be a part of the family. So they have to treat you like a member of the family. That includes providing a good environment for you as well as a suitable room. The family has to make sure that you can eat whatever you want at their place.

5. You will get pocket money


In exchange for your work the host family will pay you a pocket money. The amount is based on the official au pair regulations and differ from country to country. It can be paid weekly or monthly and should be paid to a bank account.

Besides the family should include you in family activities. They should make sure that you feel good living with them and that you can talk to them about anything.

If there ever is anything that you need to talk about, feel free to speak openly to your host parents and find a solution for anything that seems to bother you.

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