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Some au pairs need a visa to be able to go to a certain country to stay with a family. Within the EU, citizens can go whereever they want to. They do not need a visa. But if they leave the EU or if au pairs from Asia, Africa, Southamerica or the USA want to go to a European country they need to apply for a visa.

Some countries offer special au pairs visa, in others an au pair will need a study or working holiday visa. It is always important to check which visa is needed on the website of the embassy of the host country in  your home country.

Visa requirements differ from country to country and depend on both the home country of the au pair and the host country. The program conditions must be respected and the contract should show proof that you are willing to follow the rules of the au pair program.

To apply for a visa au pairs always need the contract between them and the host family.

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Au Pair in the USA - special case

If your host family lives in the USA, you need to go through a full-service agency. Only if you register with an agency you will be able to get the J-1 visa. Otherwise you will enter the USA illegally. The local agency you register with should have a partner agency in the states. Fortunately AuPair.com is working together with a partner agency in America and is able to place au pairs in the USA officially. If you register on AuPair.com and you fulfill the age requirements to become an au pair, someone of the website will contact you and invite you to fill out a registration and all the forms that are need to be able to apply for the program.



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