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Summer has started! Where are you at the moment? At the beach? In the park? Or sitting at school dreaming of finally going somewhere?

  • Australian families need au pairs!
  • Jena’s Journey - Teaching English in Italy: 
  • Can men be au pairs?

Become an au pair in Australia!

Interested in going to Oz?  Many Australian families need au pairs now!

We have two options for you to learn more about being an au pair down under.

  • Read about what it was really like to be an au pair in Australia in this blog entry by Sarah.


Jenna's Journey - Teaching in Italy

Read about Jenna’s experience as an English Language Tutor in Italy through GeoVisions.

A chance for male au pairs! It's worth it!

Many families are interested in having a male au pair. Here are some tips to help male au pairs find a host family.