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We have recently found a scam under the name of Anita McKay which apparently lives in New York but about to move to the UK and has been contacting au pairs on AuPair.com for a long time through her personal email address so that we won’t get to find it and block her profile.

The host family will tell you that you seem to be the perfect au pair for their kids and will offer an extremely high amount of money (12 pounds / hour) which is actually hard to believe. In order to explain the huge amount, Mrs. McKay tells you that you will be a live-out au pair because they cannot provide you with a room in the family house so in order to make sure you have enough money you will get a high weekly amount.

After you agree on the idea of being a live-out au pair, the family will look for an apartment which is supposed to be close to their home, they will ask you to pay a deposit in order to make sure you will get the apartment. They will provide you with a link to the website where the apartment will be shown, as well as with the email address from the apartment’s owner.

You will be asked to pay via PayPal so that everything will be as impersonal as possible. Scammers don’t want to be found!

Following you will find all the contact details you have to be aware of. Please check them and make sure you don’t send any money abroad.

Do not hesitate to contact AuPair.com whenever a host family asks you for money or gets you through an agent.

Fake flat website:


Fake agent email:



Report from Ily who was scammed by Anita Mckay:

I was searching for job as au pair. Anita Rae Mckay contacted me via email and she sent me an email containing the same conditions as you wrote on the site: perfect au pair for their kids, 12 pounds / hour,
live-out au pair because they cannot provide you with a room in the family house.

I had no money for accommodation and Anita said she would hold a conversation with her partner and they will send me money to rent an accommodation. Anita Mckay sent me money by her partner's paypal account. She wanted to pay the rent for the accommodation with him for three months, but after a while I decided that this was unreal and I decided to return all money. She did not want to receive the money back in her partner's paypal account.

Anita Rae Mckay told me to go to the local Moneygram office and send the money via
Moneygram transaction to her client in Italy: ANNA VALLE city: VARESE, zipcode: 21050

1 month later her partner made chargeback "unauthorized payment" of the money that they sent me through paypal. I was cheated!!!
Now I have a dispute with paypal.