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There are not a lot of good au pair online matching agencies all over the world but we can definitely talk about two powerful ones:

AuPair.com and AuPair-world.net.

Before hiring an au pair or moving into a host family you should think about choosing the right person to have a nice experience. You can either search for a suitable person/family yourself in a very economic way, which is more personalized, or let a local agency do all the work for you.

If the first option is right for you, then you would need to look for an online agency you trust and make sure they have enough potential candidates so the chances are higher. There are not many websites offering this kind of service and AuPair.com and AuPair-world.net are definitely on the top of the list.

AuPair.com vs. AuPair-world.net

Active users:
Lots of users are registered on both sites, which makes it easy to find a suitable person/family in a short period of time. An attractive profile will give you the chance to get more visits from other users and that will increase your chances to hire someone/be placed as an Au Pair.

Data actualisation:

Both sites allow their users to check the last time a user has logged in, to see how active people are on their search.

Website speed:

Both sites are fast and efficient.

Call center:
Both sites can attend users over the phone in different languages.

Both sites answer users' emails as soon as possible.

Do these sites check their users to prove them real?
Both AuPair.com and AuPair-world.net check if their users are real  to avoid scam and fraud.

Both companies are have been active since 1999.
In the beginning, AuPair.com didn't offer any au pair placement services in Germany but its partner MultiKultur was in charge of it. Today AuPair.com is very active on social media platforms and gives great service to all users. The immediate action of AuPair.com when it comes to concerns or problems is why their users like this website a lot. Also AuPair.com has partnered with the American agency Agent AuPair and pffers an agency service for au pairs that want to go to the USA.

At a first glance, prices might look quite similar:
39€ for 70 days on AuPair.com and 39,90€ for 42 days on AuPair-world.net
But if we calculate how much we would be paying a day things slightly change:
0,56€/day on AuPair.com
0,95€/day on AuPair-world.net

This way we get to know that AuPair.com is 70% more economic than AuPair-world.net.

Both AuPair.com and AuPair-world.net offer a good service. However, Aupair.com is more economic and offers an agency service for au pairs that plan to go to America.


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