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Au Pairs from all around the world make different experiences on a daily basis. For candidates that still about whether they want to become part of the program or not those experiences can be helpful in making a decision.


"Hi Au Pair.com!

Pretty nice christmas holiday but it's nothing if I compare it to my experince.
It has been much more than a job, but a amazing period of my life who definetly change my whole life. How ?
I met some unbelievable people, the family but also some real friends. Otherwise by the country that I discovered and the experiences that I did... everything was just extraordinary. I even managed to improve my english skills, although this is not yet perfect (all my apologies for the mystakes).
Less than 4months in Finland, and i'm still in touch with everyone there. My experience was totally over my expectation, and it still goes on."


"Hello  Aupair.com Team,
My Christmas was with a lot of snow and happy moments. I'm glad for you to having a nice Christmas !!!
And i want to thank all your team for your work..i am sure you changed the life to more people...What about me i was an Au Pair 2 times..in Ucraine and in Italy..Of course i discovered and the bad way of some people..but this is the life. we should take the best.) I am satisfied for the obtained experience..I think i will try the 3rd time!!)
Thank you one more time for everything.
Best regards"


My Christmas was very nice, thanks for asking. Im having a great experience. And for sure I have gained a couple of extra kilos on winter haha. Will work on that on summer going jogging, right now is too cold to do that.
Everything with my host family goes perfect, they are very nice persons and the children are awesome, I really like my host family. I have expierenced american culture and I really like it, I think au pair has change my life in a lot of ways, good ways, you become more independent beeing away from home, also I think my english is a lot better now, not perfect but I have had a big improvement for sure with the english. I love to be part of the program and thanks for the awesome work that you guys do.
Best Regards and Happy Holidays!"


"Dear customer service,

Thank you. My Christmas was too good. Really enjoyed a lot.Well my Au pair experience was good too,fun loving family,lovely children and it was really a great time with them.It brings a lot of changes in my life. I get the chances to know about the new religious,new culture,to roam in the new society.And ya get special knowledge about the habit of children and care for them. Thank you."



thank you very much for your message!
i like so much that experience and i'm very glad with my family they are very kind and i feel like in my home.
everyday i learn new things and i'm very happy."

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