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Some au pairs received an email from a scam host family, who asked to transfer money for the au pair visa to proof the financial situation of the applicant. They offered to assist the au pair with the visa application and sent them a fraud email from the UK government regarding the visa process, which looked very official.

One au pair describes the case:

"I've discussed with the host family during one week, until they sent me that:

"Hello Au Pair, I just contacted the UK Visa/Immigrations and I was informed about the procedures accordingly, the home office informed me firstly that I will be the person to take care of the traveling expenses of my employee and flight tickets, which I had an idea of it already, then they also informed me of the processing fees which I had to pay for
the work papers.
Secondly I was informed that my employee has some requirements to fulfill, which are to present a Passport/Identity card, and also an evidence for a proof of financial demonstration to show that you have an existing fund before and upon your arrival to UK, and without this two documents you cannot achieve a successful application, and I was redirected to an attorney whom is an immigration lawyer that works with the UK Visa/ Immigration office Barrister Mrs. Chloe Hodkinson whom explained to me the need for these documents, she explained that the two documents are very important which an applicant should already know, the applicant does not need to pay anything but has to show an evidence to demonstrate that they have an existing fund which they will have before their arrival to United Kingdom, and this fund is for their sustenance until their first salary is paid. Also another document that her office is going to prepare an agreement letter which will be signed by both the you and I to agree on the basis of the employment.
She further explained that you are to send your full details through her office with a letter of your intention to work for my family as an aupair in UK, so they can kick off with the processing and procurement of your work papers. So I assured her that all she has explained will be accomplished and done, and that all documents must pass through her office in other to achieve this. Write to the UK Visa/immigration representative on Hodkinson_uksolicitors@alumnidirector.com."


Please do never react to an email like that!!!