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It's over. You thought you had met the one but now it seems like "the one" is not the same opinion and doesn't want you two to be together. There can be many reasons for a break up and although the situation is never easy for any of those two it is way harder for the one who was broken up with.

The heart is broken. The one who was left wants to cry, be alone and most likely wants to have the ex back. Although friends might say that there'll be someone better or that they will get over it soon, for the now  single it is hard to understand.

But there are ways out of the pain. Especially being in a foreign country there are still so many things to explore. Being at home and heartbroken is different, because you already know the area and there might not be as many distractions. But imagine how much you're going to miss now staying in bed in a new country?

Get up

You are allowed to cry and whine and eat ice cream and listen to sad music. Be desperate and think that there will never be someone like that person to you anymore. But then it's time to get up and distract yourself.

Do one of the following things.

Meet new people

You have already met new people in the past during your stay in the host country. That's why there could be someone who broke up with you. So now don't stop meeting new people! You don't have to meet someone in a romantic way. Friends are great. So it doesn't matter if you go to a class or an au pair meeting. There can be new people all the time. Start talking to them and make new friends.

Be sporty

Go to the gym, go running outside, go on a hike! Join a club. Maybe there's a team sport that you always wanted to try. Now is the time! Sports is amazing for you for many reasons. You will get so much happy hormones out of it! You will be distracted and at the same time you are healthy and become fitter! And of course whatever sports you do, you can meet new people there to.

Leave town

There is not only the city where your host family lives, so get a car and your friends and visit another city for the weekend. Especially seeing something new and walking around without thinking: "Oh, we have been sitting on that bench" or "Oh, there we got coffee together" can be way more relaxing than walking around the city where you will be reminded of your loved one all the time.

What are your tips for heartbroken friends in a foreign country?
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