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Being an au pair in Switzerland will offer you the opportunity to visit many different countries and practice many different languages, so what are you waiting for?

Au Pair in Switzerland - At a Glance

  • Age: 18-25 years old
  • Duration of Stay: 3-12 months
  • Working Hours: 30 hours/week
  • Pocket Money: 500 to 800 CHF net/monthly
  • Travel Expenses: Au Pair must pay their own travel costs
  • Insurance: the host family will pay for insurance

Can I become an Au Pair in Switzerland?

In order to work as an au pair in Switzerland, make sure fulfill all the requirements:

  • You are between 17/18 and 25/30 years old (check the different requirements)
  • You speak the language of the host family or have a good command of English
  • You are healthy and don't smoke
  • A driving license and experience in childcare will be a plus

What are my duties as an au pair?

If you would like to work as an au pair in Switzerland, you might be asked to have some experience in child care since your main job will be taking care of the family's children. You will probaby have to take children to and from school/non-school activities, prepare some meals for them, help them with homework,etc.

Visa requirements

EU citizens: if you belong to any European country you won't need a visa to work in Switzerland as an au pair. You should apply for a resident permit though and your application should be sent and approved before the beginning of your stay. Europeans can extend their stay until a maximum of 24 months.

Non-EU citizens: if you don't belong to a European country you should look for an au pair agency in order to start the process and get a work permit. The places to work as an Au Pair in Switzerland are very limited for non-EU citizens.
*Candidates from the Republic of the Philippines need to meet POEA guidelines and requirements must be slightly different. 

How much pocket money will I get?

The pocket money you become as an au pair in Switzerland varies depending on your age and experience in taking care of children. Au Pair in Switzerland usually receive a salary of 500-800 CHF monthly but once you are over 18 you must pay taxes; that means you will end up with a bit less to pay half of your healthcare contribution since the host family will pay for the other half.

What about the insurance?

The host family will pay for the au pair's insurance during the whole stay to cover you in case of illness or accident. The au pair will have to pay any extra insurance service.


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